Sunday, June 12, 2011

Obama Visits WTC


Should have Obama visited WTC? NO, NO, NO and NO. He has taken a proud American moment and turned it into a political sideshow. I have no problem if Obama truly wanted to pay respects to 911 victims. But he has been in office for well over 2 years. He has been to New York on numerous occasions, including on a date with his wife at taxpayers’ expense. He has never made an attempt to visit or even just pass the WTC site. Instead today was the first time he was there. So why today? Simple it is strictly for political and campaign purposes. So is the visit he has planned to the military base where most of the personnel came from that went to Iraq. If Bin Laden was not killed, he would have never gone to either place. Now I am not saying a Repub President would not have done the same thing for the same reason. But Presidents Bush and Clinton both refused invitations to go to WTC with Obama. That was the right and classy thing to do. Let the families celebrate and remember their loved ones in peace, without the limelight. But Bush is taking flack from the left for not going but no one is saying anything about Clinton turning the invitation down. Was that decision political? Obama will do anything to belittle Bush and blame Bush for Obamas own mistakes.

But nothing has stopped Obama from taking as much credit as he can and push the campaign mode as much as possible. Every item about the raid from what to release, what not to release. I agree not to release Obamas picture, but do not say it is gruesome and then release pictures of the other dead bodies. When he makes a decision about an issue, he runs for an interview. For example in regards to Bin Laden’s picture, when he was ready to tell the America he was not going to release the photo, he ran to 60 minutes and gave an interview before the information was released. Not including his original announcement about the raid, Obama has given 9 private interviews on the subject. No other issues were discussed, no debt ceiling, no budget, nothing but the raid. And another thing Obama has used the word "I" so many times in the original speech and the interviews since, it must be close to if not actually a world’s record.

To all of congress and to President Obama, Stop trying to take the credit for this raid. The credit solely belongs to the Intelligence Community, and to the brave men and woman of the armed services. If you see a member of the armed forces, give them a hug, say thank you and tell the how proud of them you are. Trust me that will mean more to them than the Congressional Medal of Honor.